• LA VITA SPORTIVA - Aussie Open News

    With the 2021 UOMOSPORT VOL.5 ‘La Vita Sportiva’(the sporting life) honoring ‘The Grand Slams’ dropping January 29th, we thought it would be fun to give you some insight on what is happening in the tennis world leading up to the first Slam of the season. Madison Keys announced she will not be making the trip down under due to testing positive for COVID-19 this...
  • Where In The World Is Uomo Sport?

    We love to see which parts of the globe Uomo Sport has been seen! Tag us on social media with #WITWIUS and #UomoSport for your chance to be featured on the blog!    
  • Thomaz Bellucci - Behind The Racquet

    One of our sponsored players, Brazilian,   Thomaz Bellucci, got a chance to connect with Behind The Racquet, an online blog started by Noah Rubin to share tennis experiences from different players that give deeper insight to fans of the sport. Read the article HERE    
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