"Wanted to let you know that our players have been blown away by the gear. I was confident they were going to like the change...but, the response has been stronger than expected. We are thrilled. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to make this happen."
–Adam Schaechterle, Pepperdine Head Mens Tennis Coach


"I wore the powder blue collared shirt to hit with Lucero on Thursday. When I took off my jacket he immediately complemented the shirt and the color. I wore the warmup jacket today to hit with a good friend. As soon as I got out of the car he told me that the jacket was really nice. I am not joking, when I wear Uomo I get compliments about 70% of the time. You really nailed the last two collections. Too bad Uomo isn’t on Tennis Warehouse or Tennis Express. You have a great product and more people need to learn about it."
– Alan Systek, Customer, California

“The packaging of each individual items is a clear demonstration of the pride and quality of your products.

"All is simply beautiful."

"I love your quality and beauty of the products.”
- Benoit Arsenault, Customer, Florida 

"My 91 year old dad has the navy version of this track suit (Nero) and wears it every other day his life....he loves it so much."

–Tracy Hanlon, Client, US

Quick iPhone photos but my wife loved it! Said it “took her breath away”...first time that has happened with tennis gear 😂

–Adam Schaechterle, Pepperdine Head Mens Tennis Coach 


“ Best fit… Shorts are so comfortable, love how stretchy they are. ”

–Josh Finklestein, Client, US

“Today the package has arrived. I really like the stuff. Big thanks to you, especially Troy, for the work. Stay healthy and have a good life. Thank you for everything. Greetings from Germany!”

-Steffen Zabel, Client, Germany


“Uomo akin to when tennis clothing was great for men!”

-Former American No. 1 Tennis Player, Billie Jean King


“Ever since the days of Bjorn Borg, men’s style has been severely lacking on the courts. But with its tailored, snazzy sensibility, and technologically-advanced fabrics, Uomo Sport is out to change the game. Ace!”

–Armand Limnander, Executive Editor, W Magazine


“Phenomenal fit, feel, and quality.”

–Ricardo Winter, Client, US


“Great Stuff. It reminds me of old-school Euro tennis apparel. It’s all about the feel of the texture, for me. I hate thick cotton.”

–Artist, Freidrich Kunath


“Uomo is supreme!”

–Darrel Green, Client, US


“I like the fit of the shorts the best. All other shorts fit like sacks with leg openings that are meant for football players. The Uomo shorts have a nice, slim ft with proper sized leg openings. Well done.”

–Alan Syzdek, Client, US


I’ve played my entire life, and I love that your company was founded out of a need for higher quality. You mission statement really resonates with me as someone who would always have clothes / shoes that were meant for a different purpose but used for tennis.

–Andrew Keller, Client, US


“The white shorts and crew already purchased arrived down here a couple of weeks ago, and they are beautiful items of clothing. Congrats.”

–Anthony O’Shea, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia, Client


“You have very classic and classy designs.”

–Patrick Mouratoglou, Coach – Serena Williams


“Beautiful clothes. So stylish. Old school”

–Justin Gimelstob – Retired American Tennis Player


“Clean, smart, identifiable!”

Brian Teacher, Former American Tennis Player


“Love the colors & the modern and yet still classic tennis look!!”

–Stefan, Professional tennis coach, Hawaii


“Designs are so classy.”

–Bjorn Frantangelo, American Tennis Player


“I recently spotted one of your henley shirts on someone and instantly went home to order several colors for my husband, as well as two of the shorts. The Uomo designs are so clean and modern and the fabrics are what one dreams of in athletic clothing: soft, breathable and wrinkle-free. I have not seen anything like your line in athletic/tennis clothing. I’m hoping women’s apparel is to follow!

–Pam Wexler, Palm Desert, CA, Client

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