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“Ever since the days of Bjorn Borg, men’s style has been severely lacking on the courts. But with its tailored, snazzy sensibility, and technologically-advanced fabrics, Uomo Sport is out to change the game. Ace!”

-Armand Limnander, Executive Editor, W Magazine

“I discovered Uomo last year at the Miami Open where you had a nice assortment. I started buying then. I especially like the shorts – I've thrown out all my others and now only wear Uomo.”

-Peter Frey, Client, New York City

"I’ve played my entire life, and I love that your company was founded out of a need for higher quality. You mission statement really resonates with me as someone who would always have clothes / shoes that were meant for a different purpose but used for tennis."

-Andrew Keller, Client, US

Join the club and play like a pro

Quick Dry Technology

Draws sweat away from your body without drenching your fit

Honeycomb Construction

Keeps air circulating with every move you make

SPF 50+ UV Protection

Saves your skin and keeps you on the court longer

Pilling Resistance

Leaves clothes wrinkle-free and soft to the touch match after match

Non-cling Elasticity

Hugs your body while giving you full freedom of movement


Minimizes your gear’s environmental impact

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