Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and using high-quality materials, our sweaters offer a perfect blend of functionality and fashion.


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Classic Men's Tennis Sweater
  • 100% WOOL
  • 5.0
    premium cotton 3-end fleece
    Nero Hoodie
    Sale price$90
  • designed to balance comfort & style
  • premium cotton 3-end fleece
    Vino Hoodie
    Sale price$90
  • designed to balance comfort & style
  • premium cotton 3-end fleeceSave $35
    Verde Hoodie
    Sale price$55 Regular price$90
  • your staple hoodie, perfected
  • premium cotton 3-end fleeceSave $35
    Argilla Hoodie
    Sale price$55 Regular price$90
  • designed to balance comfort & style
  • Eco-Compatible

    The key characteristics of Sensitive® Fabrics allow the environmental impact of the product to be reduced to a minimum for its entire life.

    Italian Fabric

    Elasticity gracefully hugs the body
    without being constricting, giving you comfortable freedom of movement.

    Maximum Comfort

    The open honeycomb construction
    allows air to circulate between the fibers, keeping you ventilated and comfortable.

    Men's Tennis Sweaters

    This catalog of men's tennis sweaters from Uomosport brings an unmatched sense of both modernity and timelessness to the ever-evolving world of tennis fashion. Our pieces blend classic and future-thinking details to create looks that call on the standards, while still breaking into new style territory. When it comes to tennis sweaters, everyone knows what works, but rarely does a designer come along who is capable of pushing those sensibilities into the new age. This collection highlights the ability of the tennis club sweater to look and feel classic and updated all at once. Designed to balance comfort & style, these pieces are cut from materials that are destined to make you look and feel good for every moment on and off the court. The Classic Men's Tennis Sweater is a piece picked right out of a vintage tennis fashion magazine, but updated and tailored to fit today's tennis player in a way that feels fresher than ever. On the other hand, options like the Vino Hoodie bring a newness to the sport that tennis culture has been waiting for: featuring a lush, dark red, this hoodie is as sport-driven as it is fashion-forward, bringing a sense of sleek style into your game with well-crafted ease. With options made from the highest quality stretch fabrics and premium cotton 3-end fleece imported from Italy, you never have question the quality of a Uomosport piece and can always trust in our collection to help you win in ultimate style.