“I love their clothes. They have a lot of cool, different designs and colors. It feels really good for tennis and they have done a great job for me”. - Jenson Brooksby (ATP Player)



“Haven’t found this quality in tennis clothes for a long time. Really feels different than anything out there” -Andrew Teller (RBC Executive)



“Uomo akin to when tennis clothing was great for men!” -Billie Jean King (Former #1 Tennis Player)



“Great Stuff. It reminds me of old-school Euro tennis apparel. It’s all about the feel of the texture, for me. I hate thick cotton.” -Friedrich Kunath (Artist)


“Ever since the days of Bjorn Borg, men’s style has been severely lacking on the courts. But with its tailored, snazzy sensibility, and technologically-advanced fabrics, UomoSport is out to change the game. Ace!” -Armand Limnander (Executive Editor of W Magazine)



“You have very classic and classy designs.” -Patrick Mouratoglou (Coach of Serena Williams)


“Beautiful clothes. So stylish. Old school” -Justin Gimelstob (Retired American Tennis Player)


“Clean, smart, identifiable!” -Brian Teacher (Former American Tennis Player)


“Designs are so classy.” -Bjorn Frantangelo (American Tennis Player)


“This is my favorite shirt I own I wish I could wear it everyday. Have bought one for my brother, dad and father in law, they love it. “ -Danny Matz


“Quick feedback…..I wore the powder blue collared shirt to hit with Lucero on Thursday. When I took off my jacket he immediately complemented the shirt and the color. I wore the warmup jacket today to hit with a good friend. As soon as I got out of the car he told me that the jacket was really nice. I am not joking, when I wear Uomo I get compliments about 70% of the time. You really nailed the last two collections. Too bad Uomo isn’t on Tennis Warehouse or Tennis Express. You have a great product and more people need to learn about it.” -Alan Systek (Customer)


“The packaging of each individual items is a clear demonstration of the pride and quality of your products. All is simply beautiful. I love your quality and beauty of the products.” -Benoit Arsenault (Customer)


“My 91 year old dad has the navy version of this track suit (Nero) and wears it every other day his life....he loves it so much.” -Tracy Hanlon (Client)


“Best fit… Shorts are so comfortable, love how stretchy they are.” -Josh Finklestein (Client)


“Phenomenal fit, feel, and quality.” -Ricardo Winter (Client)


“I’ve played my entire life, and I love that your company was founded out of a need for higher quality. You mission statement really resonates with me as someone who would always have clothes / shoes that were meant for a different purpose but used for tennis.” -Andrew Keller (Client)


"Just won club champs in my Uomo shorts! Best stuff out there" -Daniel Wagman


 "Uomo, though new to the show, is the brand to watch sure to grow, rising fast mixing present with past, creating tennis attire with class" - Reg e Gaines

"These are by and far the most comfortable clothes ever created. Material is second to none .. super comfort and was very pleased with the quality. Great brand" -Ben Sturner

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