What to Wear to Play Tennis

What to Wear to Play Tennis

A Guide to Selecting Both Stylish and Functional Attire

Tennis: an elegant game that seamlessly blends athleticism with style. While it's crucial to have the right racket and skills, your attire also plays an integral part. It's not just about looking chic on the court, but also about ensuring comfort, agility, and adaptability. So, if you've ever wondered what to wear to play tennis, Uomosport is here to serve you the best tennis clothes, combining Italian craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.

What Do Tennis Players Wear?

Tennis players typically wear clothing that combines style with function. This includes shorts or skirts, polo shirts or tops, and appropriate tennis shoes. Uomosport's collection embodies this by providing the best-performing tennis clothes with an Italian touch.

What to wear to play tennis.

Serving the Basics: Essential Tennis Wear

Discover the art of dressing for tennis with Uomosport's luxurious collection. Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Italy, each piece marries timeless elegance with modern innovation, ensuring both style and functionality are at the forefront of your game. This curated range promises not only to enhance your performance but also to elevate your on-court presence, making every match a stylish affair.

For Men

Bianco Energia III Short: A classic white staple. Made with super soft, lightweight, high-performance Italian fabric. It offers a 4-way stretch, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking properties. These are what men wear to play tennis in pure elegance. 

Nero Energia III Short: Everything you love about the Bianco shorts but in a suave black. Perfect for those who desire a touch of sophistication in their tennis attire. 

Retro III Polo: The basic all-white polo, redefined. Experience a perfect fit, two-way stretch, breathability, and quick-drying properties. It's the epitome of cool tennis clothing. 

Italia Henley: A fresh collarless performance top, pristine in all white, designed for those who dare to stand out.

For Women

Bianco Sleeveless Mock-Neck: All white, all classic. This piece is crafted with breathable fabric and boasts excellent shape recovery power, ensuring durability and freedom of movement over time. 

Bianco Aline Skirt: Featherweight fabric with unmatched coverage. When paired with the sleeveless mock-neck, it answers the question: What do ladies wear to play tennis? with utmost style. 

Bianco Le Club Dress: The classic razorback white tennis dress is perfect for hot days. Designed for comfort, it's the epitome of tennis clothing made right.

DS White Visor: The finishing touch to your ensemble. With its adjustable velcro strap and performance material, you can remain focused on your game. 

Accessories: Where Function Meets Fashion

In the sophisticated realm of tennis, it's often the subtle touches of accessories that amplify your presence on the court. With Uomosport’s carefully curated collections, both men and women can ensure they are not only match-ready but also dressed to impress.

The Traveler Bag

At the heart of our Accessories collection is the Traveler Bag. Its multifunctionality makes it indispensable. Large enough to hold all your tennis essentials yet sleek enough to double up as a weekend getaway bag, it's the epitome of form meeting function. And with its waterproof features and minimalist structure, it effortlessly adds a stylish dimension to your tennis ensemble.

Hats & Visors

Shield your eyes and keep your focus with our range of hats. Available in diverse color palettes, they ensure your vision remains unobstructed while keeping your head cool. A quintessential piece that marries function with aesthetics. Visors are also an excellent choice for the court. Protect your vision and look chic doing it. The visors in our collection are designed to shield your eyes, ensuring you keep your eye on the ball at all times.

Additional Essentials

Dive deeper into the collection, and you'll find sport socks that provide comfort during the most grueling matches, sweatbands that blend style with function, and the drawstring backpack featuring the Uomosport shield - a symbol of quality and dedication to the sport. And not to be overlooked, the iconic branded dampener is an essential that brings ultimate balance to your racket, ensuring each swing is precision-perfect.

With Uomosport’s accessories range, you don't have to choose between functionality and style. Both men and women can seamlessly blend their love for tennis with their sartorial choices, making every match a stylish affair.

Weather-Ready: Adapting to Play Conditions

Jackets and Pullovers 

When pondering what to wear to play tennis in cold weather, consider our range of jackets and pullovers. They're not just warm, but also impeccably stylish, bearing the Uomo seal of craftsmanship. 

Lawn Navigare II Pullover: Drawing inspiration from the Grass court season, this pullover embodies both heritage and innovation. Crafted for a perfect fit with shape retention in mind, it provides essential UV protection while boasting a soft two-way stretch. The brushed texture further enhances its comfort, ensuring you're not just prepared but also looking dapper. Lusso 

Tracksuit Jacket: For those who prefer the convenience of a full zip, the Lusso Tracksuit Jacket is a prime choice. It's not just an article of sportswear but also a statement piece for leisure. Offering UPF 50+ UV protection, it shields you from harmful rays while fitting your body like a second skin, allowing you to move seamlessly during gameplay or relax post-match with style.

Sun Protective Wear 

To ensure you're shielded from harmful UV rays, opt for our sun protective wear. It's not only about protecting your skin but doing so in style.

Club Hat: Embodying the essence of timeless tennis fashion, the Club Hat is more than just a sun guard—it's a statement. All white with a contrasting black logo, this hat is crafted from performance polyester fabric, ensuring a lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking experience. 

Insignia L/S Techno Crew: Designed meticulously to provide maximum protection from harmful UV rays, every feature of this crew speaks of its top-tier quality. The brushed finish offers thermal protection, keeping the chill at bay while its bacteriostatic properties inhibit bacterial growth, ensuring you remain fresh throughout your game. 

Is There a Dress Code for Tennis?

While casual games might not have strict rules, professional matches and many clubs often have dress codes. This typically involves wearing all white, especially at prestigious tournaments. However, it's always best to check with individual clubs or event organizers.

Whether you're an amateur or a seasoned pro, dressing for the part can elevate your game. Remember, it's not just about the racket but also the attire that makes a complete tennis player. Choose Uomosport for the epitome of luxury in tennis attire.

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