With a commitment to fashion and function with an innovative, elegant and modern approach aimed to revitalize the prestige of the sport, UOMO Sport is a luxury men’s tennis collection created to celebrate the intersection where timeless style meets high performance.

With an obsessive attention to detail and quality, UOMO is made exclusively in Italy, with advanced Italian techno fabrics, blending optimum performance, classic cuts and innovative technology to create pieces that streamline and support the body, while providing durability and comfort.

Each piece of the collection provides breathability, comfort, coverage, movement, protection, elegance and style.

I fell in love with tennis early in life, with a keen eye on the players’ incredible style and personality on the courts—players from all over the world who carried the elegant tradition of the sport with their clothing.

UOMO Sport was born out of my obsession for the game of tennis. And out of necessity. With a renewed personal quest for quality tennis wear with timeless style, I created a luxury brand where fashion meets performance and performance meets fashion. A hybrid that honors the heritage that is the sport of tennis.

Teaming with Italian designers led the way to the ultimate, timeless tennis apparel with the greatest attention to details, with a selection of fabrics that meet the highest performance quality standards. The UOMO fit accentuates athleticism while honoring fitness and lifestyle.

UOMO sets the new standard with such details as matte finish buttons, lightweight four-way stretch fabrics, sports mesh in all the right places for comfort and breathability, fine embroidery and microfiber pockets to dry sweat from the hands.

We are here to carry on the tradition and elegance of tennis all over the world.

– Steven Siebert, Founder

Our techno fabrics offer competitive athletes essential advantages. We’ve curated a selection of premium fabrics that combine excellent technical functionality with timeless style and comfort. Made in Italy by craftsmen and women who understand quality, UOMO Sport is thoroughly tested to make sure that they meet our high standards, so we can meet yours.

Key attributes include:

  • Quick dry technology for sweat absorption allows for natural evaporation at a much faster rate than other fabrics
  • The open honeycomb construction allows air to circulate between the fibers, keeping you ventilated and comfortable
  • High UV protection (SPF 50+) keeps your skin safe
  • Pilling resistance allows the fabric to stay smooth and pleasant to the touch
  • Elasticity gracefully hugs the body without being constricting, giving you comfortable freedom of movement
  • Excellent coverage so that nothing shows through the fabric
  • All Fabrics are produced in an eco-compatible way in line with the Sensitive SensitivEcoSystem® program which addresses protection of the environment. The key characteristics of Sensitive® Fabrics allow the environmental impact of the product to be reduced to a minimum for its entire life.
  • Made in Italy

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